Tuesday 3 July 2012

Enhanced Screenshot App for Android

Brilliant screenshot manipulation
As an Android power user and games journalists we love the fact that ICS gives you the ability to screenshot your Android mobile. Of course Google's operating system being what it is it just encourages brilliant ideas and new ways to do things. So not content with just having the ability to screenshot , Condition Delta has come up with a screenshot app with a load of extra features that you'll soon wonder what you did without.

When I was trialling my Galaxy S3 last week I loved the way that the Google navigation took me to the right door and even showed me a picture of my destination. In fact I was so enthralled that I took a screenshot on the quadcore Samsung phone to boast and brag to non Android neophytes. Now if I had been using Screenshot and Draw Trial my bragging rights would be even more deserved , as this screenshot app gives you the ability to draw or write on the screenshot that you've taken. Nice.

That feature alone should be lapped up by Android game journalists who could use it to better write hints and tips for games and I'm sure think of a host of other clever and fun things to do with the app.

That's not Screenshot and Draw Trial's only killer feature, it also allows you to merge up to 5 different photos that have been screen captured. For simplicity of use expect to be able to screenshot from the status bar, shake to screenshot or use the onscreen camera button. Sharing ; splicing and dicing with cropping and more is also present and a nice touch. 
The app really gives you a lot of ways to not only grab a screen but also manipulate it; perhaps the jellybean OS update will be kind enough to include these brilliant features;
until then look to download 
Screenshot and Draw Trial from Google Play

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