Sunday 15 July 2012

Gator Hunter: Fun Score Chasing Shooter on iPad and iPhone

GatorHunter: SOme fun mindless shooting
on iPad
After a long day do you really want to get involved with long load times; XP buffs; worry about loot drops; spend more time kitting out a game character with the right gear than your own children. OR do you just want to go and smash and blast things up without a care in the World?
Both styles of gaming have their place but really sometimes you do just want to jump straight into the action and go forth and .....shoot Alligators!

What have the Gators in side scrolling shooting gallery app Gator Hunter (now on iPad and iPhone) done to deserve this bullet riddled fate. Who cares! It's just fun to mindlessly blast away as the waves of reptiles increasingly move at a rapid pace across the screen. A little bit of strategising and hair trigger reactions come into at as the supply of bullets isn't endless and reloading comes around all too often. Then of course there's the instant death factor when you take out the Hunter's Hat. 
There's a Gator!You know what to do...
For a mindless score chasing blast Gator Hunter certainly fits the bill. Age isn't a barrier to enjoying this type of shooter experience and even my young son was soon involved in the High Score chase. Graphics wise a gator is a gator and certainly in need of a good shooting and the accompanying effects are more than adequate.

Yes, there could be more depth to the game, but if you're in a mood to just shoot 'gators and lose yourself in a reptile slaughterathon then Gator Hunter needs to be on your gaming list. Because isn't sheer enjoyment the reason we're all gamers in the first place?

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