Thursday 26 July 2012

How much data do you need for your Smartphone?

With people increasingly relying on their mobile to connect to the internet how big do you need your dataplan to be? Popular online uses for Smartphones are checking emails;downloading Youtube videos;online shopping and more. Indeed most activities that users traditionally conducted on their laptop or Pc are increasingly being done via their Smartphones. This could be costly if you dont have the right data package. British mobile carrier Tmobile offers an unlimited data plan; their recent statistics show that Smartphone users data usage is on the rise. A year ago their unlimited data plan users used just over 400mb on a monthly basis. Just a year on and that figure has rocketed to 1.1 Gb of data on average. As Europe's slow mobile networks catch up to the rest of the world and 4g networks become the standard and video and game streaming picks up even more;then your data plan needs to grow. If you come across All you can use data plans then it might be a good idea to get them.

A very real example of this is that this article was written on an Android Smartphone and published via 3G whilst on a coach journey!

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