Tuesday 17 July 2012

Juice Factory - The Original (NEW)

        Looking for a fresh new app that plays similar to Diner Dash? Juice Factoryis a brand new app that just came out. You work on an assembly line that doesn't require manual labor and allows breaks anytime. Place (slide) bottles into their respective cases. If the juice coming down is not processed yet, then tap them to turn them into juice bottles and earn extra points so that you may continue to do your job. Juice Factory has reached Top 5 in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and more.
   The Help section gives you explanations on how to play the game. Juice Factory is easy to learn, but gets hard to play quickly. There are 3 Difficulty levels;easy, normal and hard. Controls and animations are smooth, but watch out because the boss might be in a bad mood. He may randomly switch your crates with each other. You have to pay attention and not place the bottles in the wrong crate. The game won't let you do that, but it'll keep track of when you try. Make 3 errors or 3 strikes, and you're out, game over.  The sound effects are nice. You can even hear the supervisor make different grunts. Maybe he even talks and laughs at you when he feels like it. You're current level you are at is nicely displayed on the upper right hand corner below your score. When you level up, a signal will tell you.

    Bottles and unprocessed juices (fruits) aren't the only thing that comes down the belt. Little Evils, Frozen Wizards, and Fruit Wizards, and magazines make appearances too. 

Little Evils -  looks like green bats. It'll make your supervisor angry and the boss will not notice your mistakes. Oh and it'll make the assembly belt go slower.
Fruit Wizard - Tap on his fella and lots of fruits will come down.
Frozen Wizard - says makes snow appear at your workplace. 
Use Beauty Magazines to distract your boss and make him happier.

Combine two bottles of the same type into a bigger bottle by moving a different color bottle that is standing in between them. Larger bottles appear the same size when in the juice box and cannot be made from two bottles on the belt that are already next to each other. Tip: I don't believe you get penalized for not using the fruits as they pass by. There is an arcade mode than can be purchased in the app.

Juice Factory just came out a few days ago and we are proud to announce and be part of it's release. The application is available for iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch, Windows Phone 7 Marketplace and is coming to Google Play soon. It is currently FREE for a Limited Time. Don't miss your chance.

Click here to download for WP7 (Window's mobile OS)
Click here to download for iOS.

(Update: Suggestions)  
These aren't flaws, just ideas directed at the developers Toccata Technologies Inc. Some good things the game has going for it is the really nice and neat cartoon artwork, animations, sound effects, and menu navigation. Suggestions or ideas that I do have for future updates would be to have a landscape mode and have levels separated instead of playing one long nonstop match. As of now it's like in the original Tetris. Having a levels page could make the game less repetitive and possibly give a sense of accomplishment to players. Although there are lots of current achievements, I am not sure what their rewards are used for. Possibly add a female supervisor sometimes, or a supervisor that actually likes you and cheers and claps and gives you increased bonuses for correct moves temporarily(a rare OPEC visit or from a Higher Up). The ability to combine juice bottles without the requirement of them being separated by a different flavored juice. Although the amount of voices are adequate, more would be awesome too at the price of increasing the app's size. Maybe have small penalties (some points taken away) for not using fruits when they come down the belt. I'm not sure, but I believe sometimes the bottles miss for no reason. Fixing this problem if it exists would be nice. I might be getting too technical, but placing bigger bottles into the same case as small bottles seems unorganized, unless they are marked on the box. However, maybe the cases with bigger bottle(s) is sold at a different price or giving a little % more free as that is common in real life packaging. The boss switching the boxes randomly isn't a really nice experience. Maybe I didn't notice, but I would appreciate it if the boss gave a warning such as a smile AND a sound of a grunt and/or a warning sound effect. This would give me a heads up, but it isn't really possible to adjust my gameplay because the timing window to place juice bottles in correct boxes are already short. Also, there are a few minor typos in the game so if these could be corrected it would make the game feel a little more polished than it already is (not a big deal as the game is very playable already). If you aren't the developers then why are you reading this big paragraph for? Go enjoy Juice Factory.

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