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Samurai vs Zombies Defense: Hints,tips,advice and Mini Guide

Samurai vs Zombie Defense Guide
Samurai Vs Zombies Defense is a great game to spend your free Glu credits on. SvZ defense is an addictive side scroller defense game with a difficulty level that quickly ramps up.Here's our Gametrender guide with some hints;tips and secrets that should help you to get the most out of the Glu Mobile Game.

Samurai vs Zombies Defense tips , advice and Mini guide

There is such a broad scope to the game; when to level up your character; when to increase his bow power and so much more that we thought the best approach to this SvZ guide would be to look at the FAQ's for Samurai vs Zombies Defense, find the mosy useful ones and answer them in this article. Follow these little tidbits of advice and flying zombies, boss zombies, fast ninja zombies and all the rest should soon fall before your Samurai might!

  • How to get Frostie the Bowman :
Here's a tip to get Frostie the Bowman by getting a blue or gold present. You're most likely to find him in one of the levels that drop lots of goodies,like stage 35-40. Frosty the Bowman is most useful against flying enemies and the boss of stage 50.

  • General Tips:
You can get better and more warriors to fight for you by upgrading your summoning and leadership. Not happy with a farmer minion? Quickly upgrade to use the Bowman or unlock the master swordsman to level up your farmers.
The Sword and Bow are your primary weapons, upgrade them as soon as possible. However once the sword gets to a certain level you need to use Glu credits to upgrade it further. Get free Glu credits by downloading and playing some of their and their sponsors games.
Ranged attacks from the Zombie archers quickly eat away at your health. Engage them quickly in melee attacks to get rid of them. Generally take out the archers first then the zombies that give buffs and health to the others.
Lightning is one of the most useful spells in Samurais vs Zombies, but needs to be upgraded to be effective.
Place and upgrade your archers around the village to protect the sacred gate.
What to upgrade in Samurai v Zombie

  • How to Survive Longer
Attacks can be blocked by moving back slightly.
Tank minions (such as Panzer Samurai) can take the brunt of punishment. But you must protect them from ranged and air attacks.
The Warding bell helps to kill Zombies.
Levelling up your gate as much as possible is a good survival strategy.

  • Ways to get Free Gems (Glu Mobile Credits)
Click on the sponsor ads when they promise you gems for nothing, they will deliver and many of the games are free and fun too.
Use your Pachinko Balls to get lots of free credits and coins.
Of course you need to get loot from killing zombies, but unless you've got the right charm equipped you actually have to physically pick up the dropped loot.
Play every day for the daily bonus. (the most I got was 100 free Glu credits on day 5)

  • How to beat Wave 33 on Samurai v Zombie
Wave 33 has proven problematic for some people. Here is some advice for how to beat Wave 33- Tornado and Lethargy are some of the best spells to use here; also try improve your equipment to the max and use a maxed out Frostie the Bowman to full advantage.

  • How to Use the Cup of Tea and Sushi
Sushi replens your health and Cups and pots of tea improve your leadership score. These can be accessed on the top right of the game screen with a simple button press. Scroll through by pressing the arrow or swiping to access the other buffs.
Kill Archers and Zombie Priests First
Beat Wave 50-the Final Boss
Since the game has been upgraded it now carries on after stage 50, but for the purposes of this article Wave 50 still has a really powerful boss. Dodge his attack by staying in front of him just before he attacks, move forward to dodge and attack. This should constantly see his powerful blow miss and you keep on scoring the hits. Archers will also help to slow him down and Nobunaga and Panzer Samurai's can be used to help take him down. 

Most Powerful Zombie enemy
Perhaps not the most powerful enemy in Samurai Vs Zombie but certainly the most irritating is the Spider Zombie (orochimaru) they take a lot of hits to take down and the release a bunch of small orochimaru who run straight for your gates! The large red Onoki Melee Demon is also a tough character to take down, just avoid that club.

When to use Nobunaga and Takeda Shingen
Takeda Shingen is very pricy to get and level up so many players prefer to use Nobunaga , who if he stays protected from archers and flying demons can do a lot of damage with his melee attack.


  1. I can't access the cup of tea or rea pot i keep winning them but I was never able to use them... the arrow next to the sushi dish doesn't work... any suggestions?

  2. How do you get the takeda?

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