Thursday 30 August 2012

Is the Amazon Appstore Cheaper for UK buyers than GooglePlay?

Amazon Appstore UK price comparison with GooglePlay
The Amazon AppStore can now be used in the UK , but are prices for games better from Google Play or on the Amazon AppStore? We've just Qr coded the Amazon love on to a Samsung Galaxy S3 and the sign up process is simple. The Amazon AppStore just required our much used Amazon log in and already had some recommendations for us (bearing in mind this is the UK version of the Amazon AppStore,I'd imagine the European version differs slightly.
The Amazon Free App of the Day is something that us Europeans can be excited about, today's free European Amazon App is Angry Birds, the ad free version, nothing to get to excited about yet but we hope Amazon is just playing safe and Europe will see a lot more exciting apps in future.
But what about the whole alternate AppStore experience?
So far I prefer GooglePlay, Amazons Black and orange mobile template just doesn't look that appealing, also even on a Galaxy S3 the app seems quite laggy.

But does Amazon give UK users cheaper apps? That's definitely the priority question and these are some prices to compare: Plants vs Zombies: £2.37 on both the Amazon site and GooglePlay, Angry Birds Seasons- Free with Google ,but 0.63p with Amazon( ummm not looking good for the European Appstore so far!), Sinister Planet -0.95 pence to the Booksellers and £1.30  to the search Engine Giants-at last Amazon scores! Google undercuts Amazons app prices by a penny with their Cut The Rope download coming in at 0.62 pence. , no results from Amazon for the Asphalt games, a search for Where's My Water returns not the expected Disney game but Catfish Fry as a top result( coincidentally it costs 0.63 pence through both outlets).
No FIFA 12 could be found via the online Bookstore but you can have FIFA Stats for 0.63 pence on both old faithful and the new boy in the hood. Another old favourite Doodle Jump is cheaper on Google Play than on Amazons AppStore ( again by a penny,but hey add up all them penny's and you can get Minecraft for £ 4.99 on Google but alas not Amazon.
About the worst Amazon/Google App price comparison we saw was Amazon charging 1.49 pound for Flick Golf Extreme and Google only 0.69 pence!
So is it a good thing that the Amazon AppStore is now in Europe?
Undoubtedly with some good personal recommendations and reviews,one click app buying and a Free App a Day. But price and content wise it seems that generally Google Play is still the better source for apps and games.


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