Tuesday 21 August 2012

Finding the best Solitaire game on the AppStore

Solitaire * for iPad and iPhone
Venture on to the app store and type in the word Solitaire and you're met with a lot of matches. After all when Solitaire first made its way onto Office Pc's via its free Windows edition a landmark for easy, relaxing gaming that can be completed in minutes or hours was born.

Now that the personal computer has started to die a slow death office workers and others have turned to different ways of getting their work pausing gaming kicks, but you know what: Solitaire still lives on! But with such a myriad of selections of card games on the AppStore where do you start. You would think that all Solitaire games are made equal as it is such a simple game, but look into it more closely and you'll see that the game has enormous depths and game types. Klondike; spider solitaire; pyramid; Yukon and many more. Tipped off by some Eastern gamers who have helped propel PiPlay's Solitaire* to the top of many eastern Appstores we explored to find out what makes this Solitaire* that much better than other card games of its genre on iOS.
List of all iOS Solitaire Games
Goodbye PC Solitaire ,Hello Solitaire*
It's a given that the game plays smoothly and has a great user interface,if it hadn't then it would never have done as well as it has. What's not a given is that the game enables you to play dozens and dozens of different versions of solitaire, and then goes the extra mile by having a comprehensive help that explains how to play all the different versions that it brings to your iPhone or iPad.
Easy to play and multiple
play styles are featured in Solitaire*

So a very fully featured and easy to play version of Solitaire with lots of different game types, so I asked myself why the card game is so immensely popular. That's when I turned the Openfeint social gaming aspect on and leader boards and high score tables for every Solitaire game type sucked me into an all consuming score chase. That's the beauty of a social game that everybody knows how to play and has played before, everybody wants a go and reckons they could be the best. So with the massively populated Leaderboards of Solitaire* and it's ease of access playability it really becomes something special. And then to add even more brilliance it gives you detailed stats of every game you ever play!

We're not ones to lavish praise without taking a little bit away and one of our only complaints about the game is that it could do with some more backgrounds and card decks, although perhaps they are there but we couldn't find them in the settings.
Still with a great community and a lot of developer support behind the premier Solitaire app( which is free and ad supported by the way) it stands head and shoulders above other apps of its kind.
Stay tuned for more exciting Appstore Solitaire announcements from PiPlay and download Solitaire* from the Appstore

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