Friday 3 August 2012

Gibbets 2 coming to iOS

Gibbets 2 soon on iPad and iPhone
Herocraft is hard at working porting the popular Flash game "Gibbets 2" to iOS devices. As yet the release date hasn't been finalised but our contact at Herocraft describes the Gibbet 2 release as "available in the coming few days" for iPhones and iPads.

If you haven't heard of Gibbets its a macabre physics puzzle game where you have to save the hanging victims by cutting the rope with your trusty bow and arrow skills. Naturally it becomes mixed up in later levels with obstacles and bow upgrades. The Flash game itself has proved immensely popular as  a web game with it being played over 250 million times.

It's good to see big devs like Herocraft expanding their portfolios by choosing popular Flash games to port to the Appstore and we look forward to providing a full review of Gibbets 2 for iOS in the next few days.

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