Thursday 16 August 2012

Gluey: Fluid Physics Game on iOS

Gluey-Addictive Liquid Blob Physics Game
With super fast chipsets, million palette colours and more graphical superb ness than you can shake a stick at it is often very hard to separate one great IOS puzzle game from another. You really do need a unique selling point and need to avoid the pitfalls of so many cheap apps that just emulate the top of the chart heroes. So does Gluey have that unique selling point and Xfactor addictiveness that is the hallmark of a great puzzle app?

Well it's certainly got character with the gooey ( gluey) blobs imbued with personality with little eyes not just adding to the glueys' personification but helping with the gameplay. What must be said though is that in later updates we hope to see more differentiation between them, they're very well designed but at the moment just different colours separate the glueys from each other. Names and other quirks I'm sure can be added to give them even more personality.
But enough about the finer details; what you really need to know is how the game plays out. Divided into 3 different types of puzzling : Puzzle levels, strategy and Endless modes await. All the modes are built around the central idea of joining the glueys of the same colour together in order to eliminate them. We loved the way they sloshed and gurgled in their container providing a brilliant showcase for fluid dynamics on iOS. Inadvertently perhaps one of the best lava lamp emulations we've seen! A variety of game changing attributes such as poisonous blobs and locked glueys are drip fed through the game keeping the formula fresh.
Developer Mobileage is known for one of the most popular Mahjong Apps on Ios (Shanghai Mahjong) , as a tentative dip into the water for their expansion into puzzle apps Gluey certainly works and will provide some great puzzle gaming distraction.
Gluey available on Appstore now!

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  1. Gluey games are always fun around with lots of puzzle in it. As such they are easy to play but still enjoyable which makes you play more and more.


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