Wednesday 15 August 2012

Guitar Hero App's 5 + 6 (Review)

             The Guitar Hero series and Rock Band Series were an epic addition to Gaming. Although the gaming instruments cost a lot, it was fun when you finally had them. Although I prefer the gameplay and interface of Rock Band, I cannot deny some of the exclusively epic songs from the GH games. Songs and genre being liked may be due to preferences, both have their own great songs. The  Guitar Hero 5  app and  Guitar Hero 6  app brings you some of the sweetness into your phone. Your smartphone will be your instrument. That'll bring down the weight and need for extra equipment. I am not going to lie and try to sell to you the idea that the experience from the phone comes close to playing the console versions, but it's still nice to have and feel proud about. Their Demo Versions are FREE (which are what I'm covering in this article). Both 5 and 6 have an unique rock version of the Glu Mobile startup animation with a retro kind of look. And both have that Guitar Hero function that Rock Band didn't have, a countdown until the game continues after you resume from pausing a game.

 Guitar Hero 5
       GH5 has a much cooler loading screen, a blue wire connected to guitar shows the loading progress. It has a better looking Home screen icon and menu artwork compared to GH6. You get to play Guitar, Bass, or Drums. This makes it a little closer to their real versions (although I've only tested the guitar). The smartphone app currently has over 5 Million downloads on Google Play. Not surprising as it's part of a big franchise. The 3 songs available in the demo are:

Ex-Girlfriend as made famous by No Doubt
Kryptonite as made famous by Three Doors Down

What I Got as made famous by Sublime
              Here comes the criticism. Guitar Hero 5 has a good list of songs. 3 Songs are playable in the free version. That isn't a bad thing until halfway through the first song (or less than half) and the game gives you an ultimatum. Close the app, or pay and upgrade to the full version. The ultimatum doesn't say "pay," it just says "download". I am not sure how to get free seconds of Demo song playing, but after a few days I got to play 10-20 more notes. I tried to go back before I might use up my notes(if that makes sense), but the game decided that in order for me to go back to the menu I had to upgrade. I said no thank you and it closed on me.

Guitar Hero 6 Warriors of Rock
This app lets you play 3 songs with the possibility of actually finishing the song.  
 -Cryin' by Aerosmith
 -Ghost by Slash ft Ian Astbury
 -Dancing Through Sunday by AFI

GH6 has only two screenshots on Google Play. One is of gameplay, and the other is an advertisement? It has over 1 million installs on Google Play.

The Bad News
       Both smartphone apps have a screen before song selection that asks you if you want to continue with the limited version. However on this screen, there is no option within the game to answer that question. You just tap the screen to move on, which can be seen as answering "yes" or just avoiding the question anyways. Oh and they both ask at startup, before that Glu sign, if you want to enable sound. I understand that a person might be in a quiet environment, but then why play a guitar version of Dance Dance Revolution if you're going to play without sound? Both of them also let you download an mp3 version of the available songs into the app to improve their sound quality. I get the feeling that their mp3's aren't as loud as usual mp3's. Also, these two GH games seems to be on EASY mode. You hear a lot more guitar notes than you are playing. There isn't a difficulty mode, and the demo's on GH6 are easy, (Maybe "Dancing Through Sunday" can be taken as on Medium Difficulty). I can't remember GH5 very well because it doesn't really allow to play much.

     You will be very unsatisfied with GH5 unless you just wanted to see how it's menu looked and the songs the full version has. BE VERY CAREFUL about buying songs in the game, or just BE VERY AWARE THAT IT IS COMMON TO FIND USER REVIEWS STATING THAT THEY ARE NOT RECEIVING THEIR PURCHASES THEY PAID FOR. I Recommend you try the Music Hero app and Tap Tap Revenge 4. If you've read this far then you're probably interested in this type of game for your phone. I'll go into more details in a review specifically for those apps coming soon. I promise. Both GH games only have an average user rating of 3.5 or 3.4 on Google Play. (Although, they are just demo's and should be expected to be the games). The console versions of the games were expensive when they came out. Their instruments were even more expensive (for example a 2nd guitar to have one as Bass)

None of these guitar gaming apps has the feature where if you miss a note then that note won't get played in the music. They all have only 3 colored buttons.

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  1. Guitar Hero is awesome! I still remember when the first one came out while I was in college. I got the guitar the coolest iphone cases I could find! Great times!

    Thanks for the post!


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