Saturday 25 August 2012

How to Socket and embed Gems in Call of Thrones

How to Craft, Socket or Embed gems to Gear/Weapons/Charms/Rings in Call of Thrones.
 Firstly why would you want to socket gems , like most other MMoRPG's player attributes and can be boosted.  This Call of Thrones Crafting Guide  will  focus on the most basic and easy gem crafting in the game which is Red, Blue, Green, Multi-Colored and Orange gems. 
Crafting in Call of Thrones
Where to find Gems in Call of Thrones

Every gem has its corresponding attributes and boosts. These are the basic gem attribute, please refer to in-game full info for some higher gem attributes.

To start a more progressive or productive gem crafting, start securing Gemstone shards in your Inventory and enough gold for crafting compensation. Collect enough shards to start.

Crafting is done at a Gemstone Crafting Table.

Go to Any East City, look for Gemstone Crafting table. Refer to the image below.
Call of thrones Crafting Table

Low level gems in Call of Thrones preview:

 Complete Guide to the use of Gems for Socketing in Call of Thrones
5 Gemstone Shards = 1 Low Quality of Red, Green, Blue and Orange gems.
5 Low Quality Gem = 1 Med Quality Gem of same type and attributes
Some of gems are especially obtained by smelting gears.
Basic attributes of gems per type:
Low Grade Green Sapphire: Def+30 HP+50
Low Grade Emerald:HPDrain+1 HP+50
Low Grade Green Beryl:EPDrain+1 HP+50
Low Grade Red Sapphire: Dmg+6 HP+50
Low Grade Ruby: Acc+4 HP+50
Low Grade Red Beryl: Crit+4 HP+50
Low Grade Garnet:Speed+2 HP+50
Low Grade Blue Sapphire: Str+2 HP+50
Low Grade Topaz: Stam+2 HP+50
Low Grade Blue Beryl:Agi+2 HP+50
Low Grade Golden Sapphire: BleedDmg+1 HP+50
Low Grade Amitrine: PoisonDmg+1 HP+50
Low Grade Golden Beryl: BurnDmg+1 HP+50
Low Grade Citrine:Healing+2 HP+50
Crafting to higher Quality gems has its corresponding percentage of success. At Low Quality, it is 100% but there are cases that it can result on failed creation. (Maybe, affected by Luck of you char on that day)

Multi-Colored Gems are obtained by crafting Rainbow Gemstone Shard gathered from smelting gears.(This basic is for the common attribute and basic crafting, Please refer to in-game info to get familiar with these rainbow gemstone shards.) 

When you already know everything stated above , proceed on to creating socket on gear/charm/weapon. Every item that can be dragged from your inventory is able to do this.

Once you have successfully drilled socket/s on the item, you will notice that slot/s will be open. Socket/s are/is obtained randomly based from some formula of the game (can be affected by the current luck status of the char in some cases, maybe). Only gems with the same color with the socket can be embedded that’s why before you craft your gem, be sure to look the socket color of your target item to minimize unwanted gem creation that may lead to unwanted expenses.

Then create your preferred gem for your target gear.

After successful socket creation and embedding of gems, you can now unleash the new potential of your gear.
Can You remove gems later on?
Note: Gems created in the early phase of the game can also be removed from the old gear and transferred to much better gear by removing it through the Embed/Remove Window but this will cost more gold than the above process.

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