Friday 17 August 2012

Music Hero: Rock on your phone!

         I haven't played with many Music apps(Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution) but a quick search and testing for such apps has resulted with Music Hero as one of my favorites. Not only are the three default songs fast, which makes it feel more difficult, but it allows you to import your own songs into the app for gameplay. Imported songs however don't necessarily have matching music notes with the button presses, but it's a good start. The colors are brightly there and the menu's are easy to navigate. Just make sure you press play on the bottom after selecting a song. Most similar games automatically start when you select the song. The smartphone application has an average rating of 4.3 on Google Play with over 5 million installs. It has 2 Difficulty Levels. The notes don't get silenced when you miss the timing, but it's still fun and FREE.

There is one piece of advice when using your own mp3's as tracks to play. The tracks must have an artist name and track name (and maybe the title can't contain the character "-"). I was lazy and my mp3 tracks that didn't meet these requirements caused the app to malfunction until it was reloaded. I'm not sure how long the fun will last with only 3 available songs and customized(not fully compatible) songs, but it definitely is the funnest Rhythm Game genre apps for Android OS.

Good Luck on your app search.

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