Friday 17 August 2012

Neon Indie Delight:Bubble Bubble 2

Indie Neon awesomeness in the form of Bubble Bubble 2
Since Hyperlight led the way with its gorgeous neon graphics combined with simple gameplay;other mobile games with a similar style such as Radiant Defense and Robotek HD have emulated that success.
Bubble Bubble 2 has a similar graphical style which is carried off quite nicely considering that the Android game is the work of one man.
Playing in a similar vein to other eat and avoid type games,the app follows your adventures as a neon shaded fish in the abyss. The simple but playable gameplay has you avoiding larger sea creatures and picking up power ups to take them on. So far so neon shaded Android Pacman! In a nice touch though your fish can evolve and get different power ups for its different incarnations.
Score attack is the order of the day here, so the app could do with Game Center leader boards and achievements to increase longevity.
If you're a graphics whore and want a quick score attack game that showcases independent talent then check out Bubble Bubble 2

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