Wednesday 15 August 2012

Picnic Raiders

Everybody remembers Ant Smasher. When it first came out it was a touch screen sensation, the gameplay was simplicity itself as you would mash wave after wave of bugs. Well we've moved on a bit from then, but some gaming desires haven't I still want to smash bugs!
But now there's a much better and more advanced game to do some serious bug mashing with, and it's free. Picnic Raiders takes the winning formula of bug smashing, contextualises it and does a whole lot more to make a twitch gaming action app with a whole lot of appeal .
Firstly it's pick up and play nature is just so appealing: There's a bug smash it! It's an ingrained instinct. But these bugs also bite back, adding a degree of caution to what could just be random smashing. The game also adds a reason for your smashing: These bugs are out to get your picnic! A degree of strategy is thrown into the mix in the full game too; as your picnic can be moved around to avoid the larger swarms and also leftovers used to lure the beasties away.
We love the design of the bugs, they err just on the right side of cute while still wanting to make you smash 'em!

Design wise a lot of thought has gone into the game and every few levels new bugs will come your way each with a different attack pattern. This type of gaming soon transforms Picnic Raiders from a mindless mash 'em up to some hardcore twitch gaming. Bullet Hell with Bugs!
Soundwise we're also on to a winner here as the effects neatly complement a nice fun little game. As a free download it's a certainty. By unlocking the full game you'll have access to more levels and bugs and a "Whack a Mole" type game starring the bugs themselves.
Appstore link for Picnic Raiders

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