Wednesday 22 August 2012

Create Your Own Transformers Character - Transformers Universe Brower Game

     Ever wanted to create your own Transformers? Whether it be an Autobot or Deceptacon, it would feel more like your very own personalized alien robot car. Although Transformers: Fall of Cybertron was released yesterday (8/21/12), I am focusing on the next upcoming transformers game Transformers Universe. I apologize that this isn't a review because the game isn't out yet. It's a preview of the greatness to come. Transformer games have not been that great, but this game might just be the Transformers game every transformers fan has been waiting for. Watch this trailer and see what you think.

     Does that look sick or what? Okay I highly doubt your created characters will look that great. But I do have high hopes for the customization in the game. Back in the pre-movies time of transformers, technology was not capable or good enough to do what it does now. MMO's and free roaming worlds couldn't really be in 3D. Plus, with the customization in DC Universe Online and Little Big Planet, I now know it's possible for developers to finally make a game with such features. One of my main hopes that I've been waiting for in a racing game to have is the ability to add pictures as a custom paint job. Pokemon, Avengers, Final Fantasy and etc will be used if this feature is ever available(although I'm not sure how images will be filtered/rated). My other main want with this game is the ability to mimic imports (BMW's from Germany and Honda's and Toyota's from Japan). I don't mean to sound unpatriotic, but I love sports cars from other countries as well as Corvettes. Note:You probably won't be able to transform into Optimus Prime, too many of those will be roaming that planet.

      The Transformers franchise has continued to be an unstoppable force after Michael Bay brought them back to life with the first Transformers movie. Some older fans disagree with the new looks of the bots from the movies. Unlike most fans, I discovered and fell in love with transformers when they transformed into animals(and dinosaurs) in Beast Wars television series. In my opinion the movie versions of the bots were too detailed that you couldn't really see the bots bodyparts. I can't say that the amount of details was not the right choice, because they had to look real and mechanical. Transformers: Prime is a more perfect mix of the simplicity of the original bots with newer metallic technological awesomeness. The "Transformers Prime" show is currently in it's second season on The Hub Channel. ( I Love HUBOOM!). I'll try not to get too sidetracked (hey that can be a bot name). Maybe I'll cover the channel and show in another article. It had a slow start, but ended the first season with a great finale. (Update:I accidentally left out that Transformers Universe is based on the Transformers Prime Universe/timeline. Thanks to Anonymous for reminding me).

      Transformers Universe is brought to you by Jagex Games Studios. Hasbro has given it's huge library of bots to Jagex to use, over 11,000 bots (many have never made appearances). This is a game for the fans. Maybe even Grimlock and Dinobots and insecticons will show up. It seems like cars, trucks, motorcycles and air planes will be options for transportation mode(maybe even more). Not much data has been released on the game except that last year it was expected to be out in Fall of this year. I highly doubt that because as stated above, the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron was just released in August(for PC, PS3, and XBox 360). I anticipate that the earliest T Universe would or should come out is Winter 2012. It will be a FREE browser-based game. Sign up for the beta now FREE at I don't know if the beta will allow you to play a little in the future or if beta testing has passed but I just signed up while writing this article. It hasn't been confirmed what platforms the game will be available in but I'm pretty sure it's for PC at least.

P.S. A Transformers Prime game for the for the DS, 3DS, and Wii is also expected to be released this year.(although I doubt these will look anywhere as nice as Universe)

Now Good Luck and Roll out. (possibly to other articles on this site)


  1. The game is based on the recent animated TV series, I also have good hope for the customization, but it will be nowhere near as realistic as the trailer shown.

    Also, if I make an Autobot, I also want my own pet human, that seems to be trendy lately.

    1. Thanks for the comment Anonny , which games do you have in mind that have Pet Humans?


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