Tuesday 14 August 2012

Waypoint Marker and Locator for Android

Android Map Waypoint marker
and Locator.
"Find my car" apps and "Where's my phone?" apps on Google Play are so last year. Don't get me wrong the locator type of apps are great when you've got a GPS toting Android phone, but they lack features and are notoriously difficult to use. And you know what, I've never lost my car, with or without my Android's help I've always found my way back to my ride.

But what I have lost/misplaced or simply forgotten where it is, is that easy to play Golf Course with the lovely straight back 9 Fairways, and the kids have never forgiven me for "misplacing" that sheltered beach they love so much. And don't even get me started on the grief my partner gives me for forgetting where that romantic Italian Diner was (hey give me a break it was a long and drunken evening I can't remember every back alley we explored that night!)

But you know what? I've got hold of an app that could save me so much trouble and earache. Call it a more sophisticated cousin of the  Android Car Finding apps. 
On Spot Waypoint Marker Finder lets you GPS mark whatever you want and then adds some great bells and whistles. It's all well and fine GPS waypointing a secluded Big Bass Fishing spot, but what's just another point on a map? Well simply add a photo or even jot down some quick notes about your waypoint easily and quickly on your Android phone and Fishing spot or whatever you want will be indelibly marked on your map with an explanation and even a picture of what it is.
The Android waypoint marker will not only always allow you to find your way home but will also make every mysterious and brilliant place you ever go to  with your phone not just a memory , but a simple navigation away. Hikers, adventurers, golfers, shoppers everybody with an Android phone should have this ease of reference way point app. Trust me: Treasured memories of great places are so much better if they can be experienced over and over again. Now where are those car keys.....
On Spot Waypoint Marker Finder Link for Google Play

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