Tuesday, 4 September 2012

iPhone 5 Release Date Confirmed

iPhone XL
What will the iPhone 5 really look like?
Apple's Press Conference to announce the iPhone 5 is go, and if the clues are to be believed the name for Apple's new phone is confirmed too. Here's a short roundup of the "facts" we know about the iPhone 5 and why you need to keep your ear to the ground on September 12 for Apple's official announcements about the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5, What we think we know so far

  • Almost every net source confirms that the iPhone 5 while not substantially different in form from the iPhone 4S will pretty much definitely have a 4 inch screen.
  • Apple will be using a different dock connector for the new mobile.
  • It will feature a MicroSim.
  • New rumours almost confirm that the latest handset will have revamped headphones too

Clues to Apple's intentions
In a playful manner the Cupertino based mobile giant has released this picture with their press release announcement.
What will the new iphone be called
Clues to the new iPhone's Name

Okay so there's a 12 for September 12, all well and fine that makes sense.But look a little closer Apple lovers and you'll see a big clue as to what the new iPhone will be called-see the massive "5" shadow cast by the 12? And there you have it, but is Apple just teasing-we'll see come September 12 when Tim Cook attempts to emulate Steve Jobs with a kick butt news conference.

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