Tuesday 16 October 2012

Ian Livingstone's Fighting Fantasy now on Appstore

Fighting Fantasy fans rejoice, Ian Livingstone's "Blood of the Zombies" is finally available for IPad and IPhone. Ian Livingstone and developer Tin Man Games new ios Fighting Fantasy app is called Blood of the Zombies, a UK and USA release is imminent with the RPG book app only out in New Zealand for now. Blood of the Zombies Storyline In this Fighting Fantasy adventure for iPhone and iPad, you choose your own adventure to enable you to defeat Gingrich Yurr and his army of flesh-eating zombies. Choose the wrong path and Zombiedom awaits you! Is the Fighting Fantasy IOS app better than the books? It's a question of whether you prefer print books over ebooks but the digital version of Blood of the Zombies will give you access to new features like new death scenes, alternative artwork, and Game Center-powered achievements.

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