Monday 22 October 2012

Is Your Business Efficient? Find out with Lean Audit

    Business owners, do you want to test your company and gauge it against the standard for professional companies? With Lean Audit you can. Depending on the type of audit, you can find out in 10 minutes to about an hour. The company behind the application is Leanmap. They are a consulting firm that helps improve, teach, and increase performance operations and effectiveness for businesses across the world. The app is imple to use. Just select the type of audit, the industry and language. After the set of questions, you get your results almost instantly.

     The User Interface for answering questions is smooth. Setting up was a little odd in landscape mode but just turn your phone and this should be remedied.  As I don't have a business, I couldn't necessarily test the app fully. I tried to use Gametrender in factory terms to complete an audit. This was tricky since a blog isn't a company, I am not the main operator of, and I do not know of all it's operations. Lean Audit also expects you to know a lot of business concepts and some simple grade school level arithmetic. Also like in grade school, a couple of the questions gave hints to the answers of other questions. Perhaps you knowing some of those business terms(like "5S" and "lean") in itself is a standard for being classy. The smartphone app also gets you thinking about other aspects of a busniess that maybe you haven't thought of or need to rethink about.

   A small suggestion I have is to have English(or any other languages) by itself. The questions feel clustered and confusing when you can see the question in another language right after your question. It'll take a few minutes to adjust to this happening, but it still feels odd. Another thing I'm unsure about concerning the app is the use of "What means ____?" I am not sure it's grammatically correct, however it's short and understandable and gets to the point quicker. I sometimes make up words with clear meanings too.

Leanmaps logo is an upper case sigma.
   After the questionnaire, the Android app gives you a score, and if you want more in-depth results you may purchase the Full Report. The Lean Audit app was developed by Leanmap and can be found on Google Play for Android devices. This app can do so much for your company. You can fin out more about Leanmap at

Good Luck to you and your Business(es),

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