Sunday 7 October 2012

Kickstarter projects with unique rewards

In the last year one the most backed Kickstarter category was gaming. We've come across some very exciting gaming based kickstarters recently, amongst them an upcoming adaptation of the legendary Great Giana Sisters. Apart from the satisfaction of being a gaming backer there are some unique rewards awaiting charitable players. Here's one of those Gaming based Kickstarter projects that you might even consider donating to for the sake of having a unique Christmas present, if your'e more adventurous than just wanting the best rope light as a pressie!:
Kickstarter as Christmas Gift?

Kickstarter project to port 3D puzzler Cubistry to Mac and iOS started. Kickstarter backers only Holiday 2012 version and personalized versions of the game featuring family and friends promised to backers.

Los Angeles, USA - October 1, 2012 - The Hohng Company, a maker of casual video games based out of Los Angeles, has announced the start of a Kickstarter project to port their 3D cube matching puzzle game Cubistry to Mac and iOS. The pledge levels and rewards are as follows:
  • $1 pledge: Receive a copy of Cubistry on iOS and a special Kickstarter backers only Holiday 2012 version of Cubistry on Mac or PC.
  • $5 pledge: Receive copy of Cubistry on iOS, the special Kickstarter backers only Holiday 2012 version of Cubistry, and get your name added to Cubistry's web based special thanks page.
  • $15 pledge: Everything for a $5 pledge plus have your name included in Cubistry's in-game Kickstarter backers screen.
  • $40 pledge: Everything that comes with a $15 pledge plus your very own customized version of Cubistry featuring images of yourself, your family, and/or your friends on Mac or PC. Your images must adhere to very specific rules in order for them to be acceptable to appear in a copy of the game.
  • $50 pledge: Everything you receive for a $40 pledge plus a sneak preview of our next 3D puzzle game on Mac or PC.
For more details about the rules for submitting images for a customized version of Cubistry, please visit the game's Kickstarter project's page.

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