Saturday 27 October 2012

Marlee Signs: An app intro for signing

Marlee Matlin making Marlee Signs
Marlee Matlin is a famous American deaf actress who is the star of the Marlee Signs app. Intended as an introduction to sign language there is a lot of potential , even in the free portion of the signing app.
Admittedly it is a little disconcerting at first that there is, aptly enough, no sound. But Marlee is really a gifted individual who in the video driven app managed to convey so much with both her mouthing of the words and enunciation.
I didn't think I could lip read prior to using this app to learn sign language , but Marlee just seems to make understanding the hard of hearing so easy.
You'll be seeing a lot of her in this app as it mostly consists of her teaching signing for words,  numbers and letters via a series of videoclips. It's an easy enough introduction to signing for IPad and iPhone users and if they wish to explore the topic more than in app purchases can buy more comprehensive signing tools.

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