Wednesday 10 October 2012

Microsoft's new Music Service

Well musicians there will soon be yet another way to get your songs out to the public.
Microsoft could soon be saying goodbye to its Zune music service; but Windows 8 might bring a replacement surprise:
This music download related tidbit was recently trending on the WORld website.
That surprise card is a new music service tied to Microsoft's gaming platform, Xbox. While Microsoft has confirmed that it has a music service in the works called Xbox Music to replace its old Zune Music Pass, the company has been less than forthcoming with details about the new service.
Following reports last week that Xbox Music will debut with other new products on October 26, Microsoft pushed out to the press a statement long on enthusiasm and short in detail. It said:
“We’re not commenting on speculation around Xbox Music. What we can say is we’re excited for Xbox Music as our definitive music service. It’ll bring great new ways to enjoy, share and discover new music on all your Windows 8 devices, Xbox 360 console, and Windows Phone 8. We’ll let you know when we have more information to share." If you're a vocopro seeking new outlets this might be right up your street
Despite Microsoft's attempts to keep a lid on information about the new music service, unconfirmed tidbits keep surfacing. For example, The Verge, citing sources familiar with Microsoft's plans for the service, said Xbox Music would have both a paid and free component.
The service will run on all Microsoft devices, the report says, and eventually, on Android and iOS hardware, although that won't be the case at its initial release.

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