Wednesday 3 October 2012

Which Android devices can use PlayStation Mobile

PlayStation Mobile has finally arrived for Android devices and PS Vita. If you love your Android mobile and want access to the PS Store then find out if your device is listed. The app can be downloaded for Playstation certified phones or you can get it from the PlayStation Store.
What games can you get from the Playstation Store?
You'll be able to download games like Super Crate Box, Aqua Kitty, and Loot the Land. At the moment Premium content is also supported with Everybody's Arcade.
What price can you expect to pay?
Starting at a Google Play competing 40p, and go up to £5.89 .
Which Android Devices can access the Playstation Store?
Compatible PlayStation Mobile games only run on PlayStation Certified devices. More PlayStation Certified devices will be available soon (Fujitsu and Sharp pledged support for the certification at Tokyo Game Show, for example), but right now the following 12 devices are compatible with PlayStation Mobile:
PS Vita
Xperia acro
Xperia acro HD
Xperia ion
Xperia S
Xperia arc
Xperia Play
Sony Tablet S
Sony Tablet P
PlayStation Mobile games can take advantage of the physical buttons on devices like the Xperia Play or PS Vita, but they also have touchscreen controls for the Android phones and tablets without joysticks and buttons.
Launch line-up For Playstation Store.
They are a mixture of fresh games, iOS ports, PlayStation minis, and apps that are also available on Google Play.
Wipe! - £1.19 / $1.49Nyoqix - £4.49 / $5.49Rebel - £1.59 / $1.99Hungry Giraffe - £2.39 / $2.99Super Crate Box - £2.79 / $3.49Aqua Kitty - Milk Mine Defender - £2.79 / $3.49Fuel Tiracas - 40p / 49cEverybody's Arcade - FreeTwist Pilot - £2.79 / $3.49Frederic - Resurrection of Music - £3.19 / $3.99Samurai Beatdown - 79p / 99cLoot The Land - £3.19 / $3.99Magic Arrows - £3.99 / $4.99Underline - £2.19 / $2.79Numblast - £2.39 / $2.99Word Blocked - £1.59 / $1.99Tractor Trails - £2.59 / $3.29Beats Slider - 65p / 79cincurvio - £5.59 / $7.49Flick Hockey - £1.79 / $2.99

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