Thursday 22 November 2012

Thanksgiving Specials on the Appstore

Game Insight has a glut of games for the IPad and Iphone, amongst their renowned titles are "The Tribez" and "Paradise Island". Now that Thanksgiving is upon us the game studios are trying to outcompete each other to bring out updates and goodies for their IOS apps and games. If this is the way that the Festive Season is headed with free apps, updates galore and game bonuses we doubt there'll be any time for family! Game Insight is the first studio going at it big style with a cornucopia of game goodies coming our way. So sit back in your carhartt coats this Thansgiving and beyond and enjoy these updates to your favourite Game Insight apps.

Please note: All Thanksgiving content is available for a limited time only. Don’t miss out! These updates are either already live or will be available in the coming days in the iOS, Android, and social versions of Game Insight’s games. And keep an eye out for some additional hidden Thanksgiving surprises that might not be on the list...

From all of us, to all of you—Game Insight wishes everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. Thank you for playing!

Paradise Island

Throw a lavish, tropical Thanksgiving party at your resort with excusive new in-game buildings or new resource items.

New Buildings (iOS version): Turkey Float, Turkey Restaurant, Festive Dinner, Thanksgiving Day Parade

New resources (Android version): Apple, Cranberry, Corn, Pie

Rock the Vegas

Hit the jackpot this Thanksgiving with all-new buildings and resource items to round out your casino empire.

New buildings: Turkey Float, Turkey Restaurant, Festive Dinner, Thanksgiving Day Parade

New resources: Apple, Cranberry, Corn, Pie

Mystery Manor

Thanksgiving comes to the haunted mansion of Mr. X with new quests, new rewards, and new characters.

Quests & Events: Seven new quests, including a hunt for a turkey whose eggs contain fragments of a precious amulet.

Event Reward: Amulet (increases experience gained for searching a room by 25% and increases the chance of finding an item by 30%; works for 120 minutes)

Additional iOS Features: Settler’s Chest event, new Thanksgiving-themed Snatchin character that exchanges feathers

My Clinic

Hang up the holiday decorations at the hospital and start wheeling trays of turkey to your patients. Thanksgiving is coming to My Clinic!

New Items: Apple Cart, Piece of pie, Maple-Leaf, Turkey, Pilgrim Hat

New Collection: WigWam

Big Business

Bring Thanksgiving cheer to your bustling metropolis with exclusive new holiday-themed buildings and resources.

New Buildings: "Rich Harvest" shop, Turkey statue, Thanksgiving Day Parade, Thanksgiving Day Fair, "Turkey" cafe"

Mirrors of Albion

Roasted Turkeys and Pumpkin Pies aren’t just for dinner anymore. In fact, they’ve started migrating from the Mirror World into Albion! Join Alice’s family for the parade and try not to bump into your Thanksgiving dinner as you walk down the street!

New Quest: Prepare for the Thanksgiving Day Parade by collecting decoration items and Pumpkin Pie

New Monsters: Roasted Turkey, Pumpkin Pie

New Collections: Pumpkin Pie, Festive Parade, Horn of Plenty

My Railway

Thanksgiving comes to the land of trains with new quests and all-new special decorations, for a limited time only!

New Quests: Produce special goods and transport to connected stations

New Resources: Pumpkin Pie, Turkey

Enchanted Realm

It’s a time for giving thanks in the fairytale kingdom of Enchanted Realm. Celebrate with all-new items and quests!

New Quests: Autumn Mood, Musical Disaster, Gorgeous Parade, Back to basis, Cooking, Charity Dinner, Football Game of the Century

New Collection Items: New Hats, Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, Corn

New Charging Items: Ink Bottle, Candle, Basket

New Quest Items: Maple-leaf, Cranberry

New Decorations: Horn of Plenty, Big Turkey Statue, Orchestra, Puss in Boots Giant Balloon

New Building: Stadium

Rule The Kingdom

What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving in your growing kingdom than with a good, old-fashioned brawl? Try arena battles in Rule the Kingdom this Thanksgiving!

New Event: Arena Tournaments

Airport City

Real air travel during the Thanksgiving holiday can be…challenging. Celebrate a virtual Thanksgiving in your airport with these new quests and items in Airport City!

New Items: Unique passenger, fuel, and mystery building goods

New Quests: Gather Thanksgiving Day collection

My Country

After experiencing tons of prosperity under your watch, the happy citizens of My Country seem like they’re ready to give thanks. Celebrate the holiday with all-new quests and items.

New Quests: Getting Ready For The Holiday, Collect Pilgrim Feather

New Items: Turkey, Thanksgiving Decorations

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