Wednesday 7 November 2012

Two great music features of Windows 8

free music on windows 8
Pandora on Windows 8
With the surfeit of entertainment available to us on smartphones and our devices music is one of the most established forms of entertainment but still probably one of the most universally popular. The great thing about Windows 8 and other new and advanced control methods for our phones and other smart devices is that music is obviously not only present in a big way but they bring many new ways to interact with our tunes and organise them.

Xbox Music has now officially taken over from Zune and will act as a meta-iTunes syncing all devices with your computer and match any songs you already own. The sync app will be available on Windows 8, Windows 7 and Macs shortly.

How to access Pandora Music on Windows 8

Pandora and Microsoft have teamed up to bring Windows 8 users advert free access to Pandora for a full year. When will the Pandora App be available on Windows 8? from early 2013. Microsft promises that of the top 50 apps on any platform, 46 of them will be ported to Windows 8. Top apps available include Facebook, Skype and Twitter. Games that will be available for Windows 8 are  Windows Phone 8 include Temple Run, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Space, Draw Something, Words with Friends and more. 

With Xbox Music and Pandora bringing so much love to Windows 8 in the near future whether you're a potential musician just looking to buy your first Gibson guitar strings at musicians friend to support a growing axe habit or whether you just want to chill and catch your best tunes then these are exciting times to explore how  Windows 8 is changing the world of music apps.

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