Thursday 8 November 2012

Xbox Smartglass for IPhone

Iphone and IPad users can now download Xbox Smartglass from the Appstore. Despite the original release date being give as January 2013 last night saw the Smartglass officially appear on the Appstore.
By opening the app , entering your Xbox Live user name and starting up the console a virtual instant connection is made.  The ability to use the IPad or IPhone soft keyboard to browse and enter data on a television through Smartglass and the Xbox internet explorer is great. 
Your consoles media can also be viewed and manipulated with the app.
Eventual game use such as mini maps and inventorys displayed on the device running Smartglass is planned. At the moment the only game with this feature is Forza Horizons and it seems to be only working on the Windows 8 app at the moment.

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