Saturday 29 December 2012

Apps like a Swiss Watch

There was a time when good craftsmanship really meant a lot, a time before apps existed, before even gaming existed. Little Swiss watch makers would trn their hand to finely crafted timepieces and even children's toys. Now in these throw away times we've got the opportunity to relish well made things again, and the app industry should be leading this. Take Alarm clock apps for example. Thousands of the things exist on every AppStore, but are any really made with the love and care and devotion of a fine watch ? Yes, ultimately they're just to make money, but can you imagine how the app industry would be turned on its head if app developers started to look on their precious apps as something precious?
Instead of throwaway apps we could have beautifully graphicced Ico like apps on every mobile device. So why not start with alarm clock apps then?

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