Wednesday 9 January 2013

App For New York

If you live in the New York Area or us the Metropolitan Transportation, this app may be able to help you manage your life a little better. Set reminders to let yourself know you have an appointment. Track your current location (some have reported this to be quite fun).

It's called NYC MTA - Bronx (live alerts) for short because if spelled out it would say "New York City Metropolitan Trasportation Authority - Bronx (live alerts)" . The smartphone app is brought to you by MGNAapps and is available on Google play for Android devices.

Give yourself a break from your hectic schedules by making it easier to get around. Save time and effort and yourself from being late. Manage your routes and compare times differences to calculate the fastest route.

The smartphone application uses your phones G.P.S. to locate where you are at. Just in case you forgot which buses connects to which, the Android app shows you which one you could and should take. If I were you and this app applied to me, I would definitely give this app a try and see how much time I can save.

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