Tuesday 1 January 2013

Puzzling Cubes (App Review)

Happy New Years everyone!
Next up and first for review this year on Gametrender.net is Puzzling Cubes for Android OS. It's a FREE app that takes place in space on a long connected world of platforms made of squares. No helmets or breathing tools necessary. The objective is to move your character around and solve the puzzles to open the door to the next level.When you've made it to the next level, the screen shifts to the next play area. The smartphone app doesn't stop and wait for your input to go to the next level as the game loads the close levels in real time. At first this confused me as to whether or not I had accomplished anything. The transition is smooth and reminds me of Jak and Daxter. Each stage is a puzzle. I have a feeling that perhaps some of my experience of using HM04 (Strength) in Pokemon caves came in handy. Completing some stages will give you a sense of accomplishment.

How to Play: 

Swipe the screen up down left or right to move your character. One step or block is of movement is made per swipe(even if the character isn't done moving). Doors unlock when their respective square has something on them. Push and move the cubes around to do your bidding. Blocks with "X" cannot be moved. Once you go pass the door, you may not go back (unless you go to the the level select screen which may be accessed with the 3 white bar on the top right hand corner of the screen). Other buttons on the screen is a sound/mute icon, a hint(move made for you), and restart stage icon.

       Puzzling Cubes had me puzzled at stage 15 (the screenshot above from Google Play is actually a stage or two before the stage I got stuck on). Locks must be opened in order, so far I've gotten to 3 locks on a stage. First to be open has to be the Green one, then the white one, then the gray one. The gray lock is above ground level until it can be unlocked. The Android app is brought to you by developer Gordon Roberts. I am not sure if the other characters on the opening screen are or will be playable. The usable character has some resemblances to a ninja, while the others to a hunchback, a prison outfit, and a monster creature. If you see yourself as cunning or wise, try this app. 

Welcome back to work people,
Joshua Yang 

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  1. This game looks good. I'll be able to exercise my mind other than just doing routine work. The graphics looks easy to understand. And the best part is that it's free.


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