Saturday 26 January 2013

Ruggedised Military Servers

Bravo to Sony for planning for their latest mobile to be waterproof, in this day and age with our gadgets and mobiles constantly with us we expect a bit of ruggednesss to them. NCS Technologies new server, just like the waterproof smartphone, caught our eye as it really exemplifies what we can expect our gadgets, tools and machines to do. It's certainly not going to be mounted in standsandmounts dvd cabinets  as the Bunker XRV-5241 is designed for military use and first responders that are needing to deploy to combat  zones and other areas of danger. It can withstand drops, severe temperatures and can be deployed via parachute too! It can be used on trucks and ships in combat situations and is really a new level of tough server for combat needs. Beat that Sony!

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