Thursday 17 January 2013

Timon's Birthday (app for kids) Review

Timon is one of those character that we will always know, maybe not remember but know. The Lion King hero has his very own app. Characters have birthdays too (some of them anyways). Celebrate Timon's bday with this app. The Disney smartphone application is for children, but tricky enough for an adult. I myself had some tough times with the app. The graphics aren't state of the art, but as expected from an official Disney app, the graphics are at least smooth and clean.  I wonder if he'll get any insect or bugs to grub on?

What's the objective or how do you play? Just place all of his gifts in the spot in front of him and in a stack from largest to smallest. The numbers represent the size of the present. A gift may only be place on a larger gift. You have 3 columns to move around your items. Tap or touch a column and if there is a moveable gift, it will move up and be place on the next column you touch if that move is valid.

Don't underestimate things that are made for children as simple and easy. For example the Spongebob television show and Shrek movies have some older than kid themes. Another example is Transformers toys(action figures) either impress you or "pwn" you for a few seconds or more. My short term memory doesn't allow me to effective play until the very end so after midway I sometimes lose my way. The stop, replay, and main menu are assessable with the right hand corner button. Next to it is the time elapsed. To the left of that is the amount of moves made. Picking up an item and putting it back down doesn't count as a move. I do not think there is a score or rank system required for certain feats based on moves made and the time it took to complete.

The Android app is available on Googly Play, and exclusively it seems. It's a brand new app and has an average of more than 4 stars out of 5 so far. Download this app for your children and stimulate their brains without violence. It'll make you a better parent and/or caregiver. One question remains though, where's Pumba and Simba?

The smartphone app is FREE, so Hakuna Matata (it means no worries), Enjoy.

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