Wednesday 27 February 2013

Where to find the best Children's Educational Apps

With the advent of many low priced tablets these multi use devices have become a staple of many modern day homes. There are a multitude of niches that these fit into. From the top end premium iPad a-likes to the lower ended Chinese rip offs tablets, especially those of the Android variety are accessible to many.

With children of all ages being exposed to this technology it's good to see that the younger generation is being catered for. Not just from a price point of view, but also from a tablet ergonomic perspective,   colour form factor and ease of access. Of course we're talking about the seminal children's "pad", the LeapPad2.  This pad is specifically tailored with children in mind and not only has an AppStore of its own but also works on a cartridge based system. The pedigree is excellent with a version of the tablet being around since 1999.

A lot of thought has gone into the LeapPad range of tablets making for a very educational introduction to modern portable computing for 3-9 year olds. The intrinsic educational benefits lie not just in the specific features, of which there are many, but in the nature of the child friendly tablet. Essentially tablet and touch screen computing is the defacto norm and also the future of all types of computing. Whether a LeapPad is in your child's hands or not some sort of tablet will be eventually. As this product is especially geared toward the young it will not only encourage their inquisitiveness but also make them gain a lot of fondness for this computing trend.

Factor in a new way to read, interact and explore and you do virtually have a home teacher for your child. The ergonomics and form have been especially factored in to make this advantageous to children, what hasn't been mentioned is something that very much sets this tablet up on a higher pedestal than other youth targeted tablets. While many other tablets, especially those running the prevalent Android OS, can always be used, after much searching, for educational app usage, the software you get can be very hit and miss. Not so with the LeapPad, highly paid educational experts have been drafted in to create educational apps focused on factors such as creativity, maths and friendship. These aren't your ordinary run of the mill children's edu apps but are designed with a lot of love, care and with the specific details of the LeapPad in mind-which is why leappad explorer it comes as highly recommended for children's educational and entertainment uses.

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