Monday 4 March 2013

Tap Joy Review

      Many free apps use some sort of ad system to get you to download or try other apps to get in-game currency. Usually it's for the harder to earn currency. Tap Joy is one of those. Unlike most similar types of services however, you have a good range of choices to choose from. From interesting looking apps to not so interesting. Also included are subscription deals. I personally tend to stay away from subscription deals because they seem like they could be a hassle with having my information and sometimes canceling can be bothersome. Where Tap Joy has delivered for me is the good apps. Even if the apps aren't good, it's still a fairly easy task to download an app, or download an app and gain a few levels.

     At first I wasn't sure if there would be connection issues with me not getting my credit like some apps occasionally have. Does Tapjoy work? If you are reading this and are also not sure about TapJoy, let me assure you that it has worked for me over 5 times (transactions) with Dead Trigger(possibly my favorite app). I've been awarded over 50 gold this way. Not only that, but I discovered two great fun smartphone apps through TapJoy. They are both from the developer Game Circus LLC and their names are "Coin Dozer" and "Prize Claw". I will be doing reviews of those apps soon. 

It's rare that I would write an article about something that isn't an app.
Thanks for reading. Come again.

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