Tuesday 26 March 2013

YouTube on the move

Despite all the speedy mobile networks emerging in Europe and USA, it is still surprisingly difficult to stream video to your mobile device in even major cities.
Setting off to find a free youtube downloader to solve this problem I stumbled across this free youtube downloader software.

It wasn't only the poor mobile coverage in our supposedly high tech countries that instigated this search, but also the exorbitant data charges that many cellular networks charge. While the addiction, and even educational value of the Tube grows we're certainly not going to slow down our consumption of online videos. The quality barrier is continually growing too. Who wants to watch a video in 480p SD when our mobiles are able to push out true HD with retina displays, Bravia true life displays and more? Cranked up its maximum my Xperia Z reality display with 440ppi looks gorgeous. But try stream YouTube videos at that resolution and you're looking at a crippling, stuttering and expensive experience over mobile networks.

With youtube downloader free software you're also looking at saving and storing the online videos for later consumption,which is a great idea. With thousands of videos being put online daily ,despite the Google Products excellent searching ability, a favourite video quickly glimpsed and not favourited can swiftly sink amidst the stream of new video being published. So free downloader youtube what do you have to offer?
Firstly you're going to mostly benefit from having a PC to download and convert videos from. With a very simple interface the free online youtube video downloader quickly syncs with your favourite video channels and allows you to download them in a desired format for later consumption on the device of your choice. This converter part of the software is especially good as now not only will your videos be on your hard drive for posterity but will also be able to be converted and synced with iTunes in the correct format for later viewing on your IPad or iPhone.

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