Monday 8 April 2013

Mira Me Fashion Dress Up Game

     I've seen my sister play dress up games on the internet for a long time now. It's fun and many girls enjoy those types of games. Well if you haven't played it on a smartphone app we have some good news for you. Introducing Mira Me Fashion by Blank Mirror. It's a brand new app and requires only Android 1.5. Don't be disheartened just because it doesn't require the newest versions of Android OS to run. That save's you battery while still looking just as good as flash game versions. Dress up your little characters with plenty of selections from height, skin tone color, hair styles, eyebrows, skirts background hair such as ponytails or hair around the shoulder, make up(mostly likely on the cheeks), dresses, tops such as shirts and sleeves (I think), shoes(boots and heels too of course), lips, leg ware (pants), socks. Scroll to the right a little and you will see that you can also add more personal touches with hats, glasses, neck wear, scarves, bracelets, wings (angel butterfly and devilish evil wings), horns, and stickers.

        You're little girl (or Princess/Precious) could easily enjoy herself with the clear(not see through) user friendly interface. It's easy to get started. Scroll the type of item you would like to add or change. Once an item has been equipped, you may tap the item on the avatar to quickly go to its menu. Make sure to press the green check button to apply changes for that current item before pressing return to go change other objects. You can even add more than one of certain items such as the . However it's a bit tricky to make these signs fit on the body correctly due to not being able to decrease their sizes. A good thing about the app is that shorts, socks and probably other items will be worn under dresses where they should be. The Main menu doesn't always have the same girl there and includes the options of loading previously saved style setups, taking pictures, flipping the image horizontally 180 degrees, change current setup, and settings which include changing the music volume and the sound volume.

The plentiful customization options also include more than just a few selections of each type with a full vibrant color palette for basically every item.

Some suggestions for further updates include:
- Instead of having the height changed in percentages of the highest height(up to 200%), have a feet and inches or whatever the native country uses. 
- Increasing the quality of the main photo on the Google Play. It will attract more users by putting a better first impression. Also make sure every girl or lady shown in the App screenshots show a different style combinations without any repeats in item.
- Have special effect sound for when a change it applied via the green check sign button. Probably a magical twinkle sparkle sound. Sparkles can also be included on the item when changes are made.
- Pressing "return" on my Xperia Play it just closes the app. I think it's more appropriate if the button exits the current menu (or asks if I want to close the app if I am at the top menu).
-Make it so when taking photo's the buttons don't completely disappear. This confused me for a while and had to guess where the buttons were. There's only three buttons but still.
- A long way down the road maybe make a 3D version where the avatars may be rotated for a 360 degrees view. The size of that app would be greatly increased and would use a lot more battery life though. A similar feature would be add a little movement to the still character.
- Maybe have the app talk like a doll with a few phrases like "Hi let's play dress up!". Or when an item is added she can do "Oh I like that"..."Great idea"..."Just what I was looking for"
- More backgrounds.
- Fingernails (girls like doing their nails).

 Mira Me means "Look at me" in Spanish. The FREE demo is for you to try it out and see how it works and to see if it works with your phone. You can download it here from Google Play for Android devices.  If it's compatible with your phone and you or someone you know then you can download the full version here for $2.89. The demo has some limited access to items of course. Once you get the paid version  get to choose from over 250 items. Both version do not have in app purchases or advertisements.

    Come to think of it, I have played manlier male versions of this type of games before such has "Create your own character" sections of World Wresting Entertainment (it was WWF when I played it), Madden games, NBA 2K's, Fight Night (boxing), and DC Universe Online. :D


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