Monday 20 May 2013

Easy-To-Learn Math Apps On iPhone For Kids

Easy-To-Learn Math Apps On iPhone For Kids

Is your kid fussy about learning math? Stop worrying, here is a collection of easy-to-learn math apps to help out your kid enjoy math rather thinking it as a nightmare. Keep your iPhone ready to pick up your choice.
Lets your toddler make the first move to learn numbers. Magic Paint With Math app is best suitable for kids of age 4-6. As the name says, it is more functional by providing the child with a coloring book and math related components which helpto learn math from preschool time. There are three basic gaming styles for this app; Triplets, Training and Coloring. In the first mode, kid can learn and memorize addition and subtraction within ten digits where kid creates a math case using three digits and two operators by his/her own. The next mode Training, guides the preschooler how to master basic math skills like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Here kid can see the simple graph and check the errors made. The Coloring game mode helps little one to color numbers and have fun playing arithmetic. Get the ultimate math game on your iPhone and watch your little mathematician mastering skills.
Cool Ninja math app comes with a blend of action and easy-to-practice math exercises with fun. Here, kid is the Ninja who protects the treehouse from evil Tomato-San, Cat-bots and Dog-bots. Ninja protects the house by battling using weapons by just tapping the screen. Once your kid has defeated the bots, there comes math problems which should be solved before Tomato-San appears. You can take up any math skill like addition, division, subtraction or multiplication. As your kid develops skill, he/she could carry out all tasks at the same time. Reaching higher levels would earn more money which could be wisely used in the app. Don’t you feel it’s a fun math app for your kid to love math?
An app combining fun and indepth features to explore. Your tot maybe a slow learner with math or gets irritated to even hear math, but with no doubt I would say this app can make your kid love math by helping his/her brain sharpen to take up math skills in fun wayThe app comes with plenty of activities with kids’ friendly themes, easy and difficult learning skills, a clever calculator which teaches out kid subtraction and addition with the help of different items, etc. Once your kid gets in touch with this app, you could go surprised seeing your kid doing math without any help.
One of the most rated math challenge app at appstore. The main attraction of this app is that, kid doesn’t know he/she is actually learning math as it’s full of fun and challenge that keep kids’ on toes with the app. You could say it’s an awesome playtime math combined tool which plays a major role in education. It helps kid to solve arithmetic problems with a challenge game put in front of them. In this game, kid has to complete all rows and columns which finally show up tiny puppies peeping out behind each bingo finished column making the app much cute! A complete free app!
An action packed math free entertainment app for kids! The 5 levels starts from easy to much harder challenges where kid should aim up catching the correct balloon and solve the problems before it flew away. With enough encouragement, your kid can fully get into the game and learn math just by floating with the numbers. This app would definitely help to boost up speed in learning math andsame time adding excitement by collecting points on the go! Whoa! Don’t you think your kid would enjoy and learn the skills in jiffy?
A colorful counting app for all kids! This friendly app allows little ones to learn counting as well understand colors. Best app to make toddlers go merry counting, categorizing and observing candies! Every time the right answer pops up, a bright star shows up on the screen making kid more stirred up to play. Lets tots enjoy ultimate fun in learning math with favorite candies around!
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