Tuesday 21 May 2013

Fun with Dots - and Loops

     Having fun with dots is hard to do. One smartphone app tries to make this easier for you to accomplish. It's called Loops (formerly Dots Dots Dots). It isn't your typical connect the dots and reveal a picture game.

How to Play:
         Once the dots (two minimum) are connected they disappear. If you connect more than 4 you get a bonus per extra dot on top of the regular point per dot. Connect four in the form of a square and you get 3 extra seconds. Whenever you do this special move the dots reset on the gameplay area. A good thing about the app is that it doesn't just start when you press play. It starts when you press the start button. A timer is clearly displayed near the top center of the screen. You best score is also displayed at the bottom of the game. It's a fresh new app is seems to be only getting better with new additions coming in. There can also a bit of strategy involved as connecting smaller targets could open the options for bigger moves and bonuses. Then again, you don't really have all the time in the world to think of your next move(s).

         There are three power ups. (the Google Play screenshots are at least a day old as they haven't been updated to display the power ups on the bottom of the screen so I captured my own). 
The Shuffler -reshuffles the board.
The Popper - double tap a dot to pop it away(this doesn't have to be activated with the corresponding icon on the bottom of the screen.)   
The Yin Yang - reshuffles the board into two colors only.
These power ups can be bought with coins. Coins can be bought or earned. Luckily the game does give you a decent amount of coins each time you play.

Suggestions for future updates:
             I suggest adding a background or menu music to the main menu just to give it a little more life.  Maybe take the candy crush saga route and make another special along with the current one. (I'm kinda sure that the developer is working on this as the description already says "power ups". For example, the Google Play description had stated a leaderboard was available and it wasn't integrated into the app until it's recent update). Just to be picky, D.D.D. could also have levels to contain requirements to give a sense of accomplishment. Not sure how this next one would affect the game and coding but allowing diagonal connections to be made is a thought. This would allow triangles and parallelograms and (theoretically) hexagons and pentagons and octagons etc. to be created. Another suggestion would be to increase the length of the app's description.

     The Android app can be downloaded here for FREE. It's brought to you by the developers at Bonfire Media, Inc. It currently has rating of a 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play. Android 2.2 and up is required. The game loads fast and has really clear and well outlined graphics. The user interface and directions are easy to read and understand. Simple and clean. In fact the game's layout and smooth animations of the menu's feels like something I would expect from an iOS game. For such a new app it shows a lot of potential.


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