Sunday 9 June 2013

Dekko's TableTop Speed AR Proof of Concept

With AR dev Dekko closing funding for AR game TableTop Speed we're starting to speculate whether AR will finally start to have some killer apps coming to the platform.
Being device agnostic and only really needing an OS and camera to support we're hoping that Dekko and other venture funded companies like Daqri can bring us a new generation of AR games and apps, a promise that Layar never seemed to fulfill.

In the Tabletop Speed AR racing game you're able to race remote controlled virtual cars over all of your home surfaces thanks to AR layering, multiplayer is also supported with you able to crash your virtual cars together and get in some serious rival races on the IPad AR game.

Still there's the inconvenience of having to point a bulky tablet's camera at real surfaces an done question of how leggy this experience will be. Still it's good to see that AR innovations are still happening and imaginative developers are still coming up with Alternate Reality ideas. Now when Google Glass finally becomes available we're hoping that Google Glass AR apps will take things to a new level and gamification will be superseded by really useful AR apps. Could you imagine saying OK Glass in a bar and seeing cocktail recipes overlaid on the spirit bottles, what about Health and Safety messages and useful warnings via AR, imagine "smoking causes cancer" overlaid by a Google Glass AR app on cigar ashtrays. Probably more annoying than anything but the point is that AR apps combined with new wearable tech and a bit of imagination could really be a gamechanger, surgeons, police and others could immensely benefit from ideas like these.

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