Friday 19 July 2013

Mobile virtual assistants becoming more intelligent

Arguably virtual assistant Siri was one of the first artificial intelligence personal assistants, well the world has over on just a little bit since Cupertino's iPhone dwelling cyborg started to help out, amuse and irritate with glib Californian based techy humour. There's a glut of mobile PA's to choose from now and they seem to be getting more intelligent by the day.
Google Now is the search giants offering that melds seamlessly with your phone and your Google services to provide a lot more 'push' rather than request type of help. At the potential sacrifice of your privacy it techno-magically seems to know your next move before you do and has a very attractive and easy to use card based system of notifications that it uses to help you plan your day. Another disadvantage is that the search engine answers are often less than unbiased so searches for businesses for example will often turn up the option most likely to generate ka-Ching for the big G. That said my pest infestation which the virtual assistant app seemed to know about was quickly solved by their push suggestion of . 
There are a lot more rivals coming out too, some of the foremost mobile based AI can be found in this field so it's worth checking out Tempo, Sunrise and Cal too, to decide if these new virtual assistants like Tempo are better than Siri or Google Now.

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