Friday 16 August 2013

Amazon Web Services for mobile marketing?

Following on from their increased push on mobile apps Amazon has expanded its popular Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform to include a unified alerts system for their Simple Notification Service.
Providing the ability to send push notifications to multiple devices simultaneously – for mobile marketeers this  is good news as Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire hardware. This latest update is available to all current AWS customers at no extra cost.
Starting at this level contains support for handling up to one million notifications per month, thereafter it’s an extra dollar to deliver a further one million push notifications.
Raju Gulabani, Vice President of Database Services, AWS says: “Many customers tell us they build and maintain their own mobile push services, even though they find this approach expensive, complex and error-prone,”
He continues: “Amazon SNS with Mobile Push takes these concerns off the table with one simple cross-platform API, a flat low price and a free tier that means many customers won’t pay anything until their applications achieve scale.”
For those considering more traditional marketing routes color brochure printing is still a very viable option. 

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