Friday 27 September 2013

Clash of Clans coming to Android soon

IPad and iPhone users have loved the best touch strategy game for touchscreens for over a year now, Clash of Clans is possibly the pinnacle of mobile strategy combining astute updates, social play and intense loot stealing rivalry. Now finally driven by a desire to break the Eastern market (not content with over 500 thousand dollars in revenue) .
So when is Clash of Clans coming to Android? Soon...
Reportedly, Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen said that the Android version was born out of a desire to hit the Asian market with the already highly popular game. Android is much more prevalent in Asia than iOS. 
So before you invest in
  • you might want to save your time and money for finding out how to get into the Android Clash of Clans Beta and getting this strategy mayhem on you a Galaxy S4 or other device.
    In my humble opinion the iPad is still the best tablet,but now that Clash of Clans is out on Android my everyday mobile(because really anybody who knows tech will agree that Androd phones are far better6, I'm confused as to how to use my IPad Clash of Clans account on my Android phone, because I certainly didn't invest all that time to getting to level 85 on the Ipad to have to repeat on Android!
    The answer is simple:Firstly set up and connect your Goigle Plus account on both devices, now get the special code from SuperCell by clicking on settings and choosing"Link another device", plug in code into your Android phone and all your IOS hard work at Clash of Clans is now running on your Android device. 

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