Thursday 5 September 2013

Getting the most music from your IPad Tower Dock

It's surprisingly difficult to maximise the wattage from your IPad speakers with dedicated IPad Tower Speakers. They're notoriously difficult to find and you've really got to consider what are your best options for getting the crispest,loudest and most authentic sounds.
Of course you could just stick with making music in the best way possible, such as with the 
  •  behringer xm8500 mic 3-pack , but if you insist on finding the best IPad music compatible tower, then consider the following:
  • Lightning or other connector
  • Are you going to dock or can you use Bluetooth
  • If you're going portable, how long do you want the batteries to last for
  • Most importantly how many decibels do you want out putted
  • Where are you going to put your IPad tower dock. Consider the different acoustics of the room you want to use it in, you might find the need to be able to manage treble and bass better for example.

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