Friday 27 September 2013

Lords of Xulima on Indiegogo

Turn-Based Multiplatform RPG 'Lords Of Xulima' Kicks Off Indiegogo Campaign Today!

The Epic Untold Story Of Gods & Humans Continues…

Independent games developer ‘Numantian Games’ recently announced an Indiegogo video game funding campaign to secure funding to supplement the development of their incredibly ambitious turn-based RPG,‘Lords Of Xulima’. Currently in development for PC, Mac and Linux, this amazing 2D isometric title features a vast and challenging world, in which players create and command a party of six in an epic battle between gods and men!

The Indiegogo campaign for ‘Lords Of Xulima’ is now live and among the rewards supporters will find wallpapers, digital downloads, world-maps, boxed versions of the game and even the amazing printed book , ‘Bestiary & Mythology’, a coffee-table companion featuring all the quests and secrets of the game! Other rewards include ‘Hall of Heroes’ statuettes, portrait models, early access to the game and other cool items!

Featuring additive and immersive gameplay inspired by legendary classics such as Ultima™ and Might & Magic™, ‘Lords Of Xulima’ includes enchanting and beautiful visuals, stunning animations, immersive audio, realistic sound effects and exciting quests. Players get to explore a vast and exciting environment in a world where only the bravest will survive in the lands of challenging climates. With its fast and dynamic combat system in a turn-based environment, and 18 different classes of weapons and 20 qualities for each, ‘Lords Of Xulima’ offers plenty of options to players of all experience levels. More than 100 types of enchantments are available, providing different powers to weapons, and you can even combine the two for special combat moves within each class.

Support ‘Lords Of Xulima’ TODAY by pledging your support to the game, maybe you'll put the mortgage for the 
houses in louisville money towards this video game campaign instead!

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  1. I have watched Lords of the rings but not the lords of Xulima, I would watch it as well, but first I am thinking to stream A Christmas Gift in UK so I would make my mood better.


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