Saturday 19 October 2013

Are you ready for the Internet of things?

The Internet of things, home connectedness and the quantified self are massively gaining headspace among tech geeks in recent times. While a Pebbl smartwatch is still very much on our wish list we're also looking to the Fitbit Force to take care of our fitness and sleep monitoring needs. What's on your Internet of things/quantified self wish list?
Internet of Things at Home
Philips Lumi
Any product taking advantage of BLE
The Internet of things on your wrist 
Jawbone Up
Samsung Galaxy Gear
Up coming IWatch
The Internet of things in your pocket
This new way of quantifying and controlling ourselves and our environment is going to be massively spearheaded by many of the apps that we use for this purpose, as these become more synced with specialist tools and data connectivity (the new iPhones m7 processor is a good example of this) a new wave of quantified and "healthy" apps will become available . We expect the likes of these to be massively changed as the Internet of things truly takes off:
Run keeper

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