Wednesday 23 October 2013

SRCH 2 set to change the way we search on Android

Following on from their partnership with HTC SRCH2 are now making their superior search product available for all on Google Play. Announcing at AppsWorld this morning we unfortunately missed the announcement as this could be a big milestone for mobile search :

SRCH2 Delivers Lighting Fast Search Software to Android Devices

Riding the Mobile Wave SRCH2 Arms Android Manufacturers with Search that Will Forever Alter the User Experience

LONDON, October 23, 2013 — SRCH2, provider of the industry’s leading search-as-you-type engine for e-commerce and mobile devices, unveiled its Android software development kit (SDK) and local search app at AppsWorld in London today. SRCH2’s Android SDK enables any Android developer or manufacturer to easily embed superior, instant search functionality, locally onany Android device.

Using SRCH2’s Android SDK, Android developers can run SRCH2 to deliver fantastic search locally, on the handset, without dependency on the mobile network. Users benefit from lightning-speed search-as-you-type, with error-correction, geo-awareness, configurability, and more. No network latency, no intermittency. SRCH2 delivers quick and complete access to any indexable data on the phone, at cached speeds.

“When users first see search-as-you-type on their phones, it’s an ‘Ah-ha’ moment,” said SRCH2 CEO Dev Bhatia. “Right away, they realize this is something new. Consumers have come to expect poor search quality on their phones, and when they see fantastic search quality, at speeds better than the best desktop sites, it blows them away. We recently announced partnerships with some of the largest global Android handset makers, and today’s announcement of SRCH2’s Android SDK enables any Android developer—large or small—to access and embed the same revolutionary search technology.”

Armed with advanced, error-correcting, geo-aware seach-as-you-type capabilities, Android OEMs can build universal search capabilities, so that their users can access contacts, text messages, apps, images, and music locally, and everything else on the cloud, via application programming interface (API). To demonstrate its ease-of-use and cutting-edge features, SRCH2 built a downloadable app using the new Android SDK and will demonstrate that it this week at AppsWorld in London.

“There’s no question that local search is important turf for the handset manufacturers,” said Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., chief mobile strategist with Compass Intelligence. “It’s part of the core user experience,” he added, “and potentially the gateway to all Web-based data as well.”

SRCH2’s Android SDK is available now at SRCH2’s Android App will be available in the Google Play store for Android on October 23, 2013.

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