Saturday 25 January 2014

Defenders and Dragons:How to get Free Revives

Defenders and Dragons is another great pay em up from Glu Mobile. The free to play game is very similar to its other game Samurai Siege, but set in a more medieval rather than oriental setting. Following standard Glu procedures you earn greater rewards for subsequent daily log ins. We've fortuitously come across an exploit where this can be circumvented and you can get maximum rewards.
How to get free Revives in Defenders and Dragons
Naturally the clock reset exploit probably works, but rather than fiddling with your internal settings we've come across another exploit( we'd be keen to hear from readers whether this works on other Glu games). If you play between midnight and one on the morning every time you start a new game the app will think that it's a new day. So every five restarts you will get Day 5 log in reward of a free revive, not to mention the free in game gold from the other day's rewards. Whilst many argue against the F2P model it undoubtedly gets a lot of quality games into people's hands for nothing unless you want a leg up over the game mechanics. Glu arguably has a good model as their games are achievable without becoming nauseating grinds. One thing to watch out for is your IPad running really hot and the battery being blitzed rapidly with a lot of smooth textures and onscreen graphics being pumped out. If you're on the go look to have something like a nikon d3000 charger to take the pain. It's also one of the only games I've seen to cause substantial slowdown on an IPad 3,so remember to close other apps. Enjoy the exploit.

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