Monday 7 July 2014

Guitar Amps for IOS 6

Line 6 has been on the forefront of guitar amps for a while,being a strong forerunner of built in effects for ages. Innovation and striving has occurred again with a plethora of exciting developments including Bluetooth streaming and iOS app controls into its new Amplifi 75 and 150. For learning new riffs or chilling to the tunes. Android, iOS, Mac and PC gadgets are all compatible.Line 6's Amplifi Remote iOS app toggles every dial from an iPhone or iPad. A cloud-based community is used for various functions including sharing and rating tones in addition to storing amp, pedal and effects presets.
 Amplifi is available in either 150 or 75 watts. Throw in a prs se 245 to really see this baby rock. The 150 houses a 12-inch Celestion speaker as part of its five-speaker stereo setup while the 75 packs an 8-inch "custom speaker." Line 6 says that this arrangement offers a "truly immersive guitar experience" that's never sounded so "wide and spacious." Both units offer wet/dry effects to boost said sound quality, tap tempo/tuner, four onboard presets and USB connectivity. If that's up your musical street the pair are priced at $400 and $500 respectively, and both are available now from guitar retailers. 

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