Friday 17 January 2014

Technology Jewellery for 2014

I've used the Fitbit Flex for a few months now and am very impressed by the wearable fitness tracker(despite syncing  issues-especially with Android devices). Now that CES is over you'll be wondering what wearable fitness trackers and wearable tech you should be saving up for. While stille not as stylish or blingy as diamond rings there's a real push to make our 2014 devices a lot more expensive and grown up looking. The Misfit Shine is still one of the best looking wearable devices out with its smooth lines easily able to mask it as a minimalist bracelet or necklace. The Fitbit Flex has now been superseded by the Force which is yet to make its way to Europe,it's small electronic readout makes the once plain band more attractive. The Jawbone Up has also had an update making it look slightly better than its predecessors. And of course if you're talking about wearable tech than you definitely need to mention the Pebbl Smart Watch. A drastic redesign makes the new Pebbl a very smart looking dress watch.

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