Tuesday 18 February 2014

Are app studio employers jobs safe?

Recent years have seen a lot of game studio closures as models have rotated toward free to play and the rise of apps have made  AAA pubs a bit squeamish as their latest IP is crushed by dire Flappy Bird clones.
If you're an app studio employee until very recently you'd have thought your job is safe. Unfortunately the name of the game is always going to be money and so when budget cuts, r and d or IP investment needs cash are you really certain that your job is safe. Take Zynga for example. Employment law also doesn't really seem to feature as layoffs are legit and even if solicitation were to occur you can rely on the fact that Supercell's and other lawyers can afford a damned site more than you can. So ultimately should app studio workers gear unemployment?
That all depends on where you sit if you're a programmer, especially good ones, most studios regard you as a serious asset. But if you're a more creative line, such a s level designer or graphic artist than maybe worry a bit if your studio loves churning out dross and isn't a jot creative:to quote a a alleyway user:"there is really little original graphic design going into the games other than the initial push to get it out there. At that point, you really only need a fraction of those individuals to make palate swaps (think pink cows from farmville vs. "normal" cows - it's a palate swap) and maintain the number of coders to implement "features" ". 

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