Wednesday 19 February 2014

Graphene and next gen tablets

Moore's law is getting exponentially harder as predicted,but perhaps a new wonder material is going to change all that in the next few years. The properties of graphene make this carbon like molecular the new saviour for mobile and indeed all computing and definitely spells the death knell for silicon as we know it.
Let's look at some of the supposed benefits of graphene through the eyes of a simple tablet gamer(ie me). My current device of choice when away from console is the iPad.i find it incredible that I've been gaming on this same iPad for nearly two years( and not to mention Apple's swift intro of the 4 almost a month after I bought this one!) Performance wise there's still no problems, perhaps only a little bit of overheating. Still now with the new,new Apple tablet imminent whether it has a new A 8 chip or not, it's again going to be an evolution, not a revolution. Enter graphene... This is not the stuff
  • of foam mattresses but debatedly a "next gen" material with just its heat dissipating properties alone going to make overheating a thing of the past. This same super conductive ness of graphene means way faster chips and also less heat resistance and hence less power consumption in chips. Now that's the computing revolution we want!

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